The Low Country Joggling Board

A joggling board is a long, pliable board that is supported on each end by wooden stands. The board is
springy and a person sitting on it can easily bounce up and down. It originated in the Low Country of
South Carolina around Charleston in the early 1800s and was often used by children or couples in love.
The male and female would sit at opposite ends of the board and "joggle" up and down. Because the
board slopes in the middle, the couple would bounce towards each other and eventually meet in the
middle. Traditionally, it is painted black, or Charleston green. The joggling board's popularity has slowly
been coming back, mostly as decorations on lawns and front porches.  The main board is between 10
and 16 feet long and wide enough to sit on. Traditionally the boards were made from the flexible wood of
a palmetto tree. Our board is mode of oak.  The end pieces, which are shaped similar to a rocking chair
to facilitate rocking, hold the main board at sitting height.
Our Joggling Boards come in several sizes: 12; 14; and 16 feet.