The Lowcountry Chair™ Company
Simple Chairs, High Design, our Lowcountry Chairs™ are made from the best natural wood available
and are produced entirely by hand in the United States of America
Lowcountry Chair
Our Lowcountry Chair™ - Art & Utility
Our Lowcountry Chairs™ pictured above have brought casual furniture to a new level.  Simple Chairs of High Design.  We
appreciate all of the support that we have received this year from all over the world and look forward to the introduction of
additional casual furniture products in January 2009.  Thank you everyone for your fantastic support.  Our chairs are
comfortable, sturdy and compatible with virtually any architectural form, enhancing a formal garden or a natural landscape.  
The Lowcountry Chair™ is an improved model based upon the classic design now part of a permanent collection of the
Museum of Modern Art.  

Form and Function
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Not an Adirondack - It's Funktional Art*
We define Funktional Art as:   fun, everyday usable, the Lowcountry Chair™ is "Funktional Art*" that is
funky, elegant with a touch of panache, it is comfortable, homey and wholesome, our chairs bring
comfort and attention from the Museum of Modern Art to your own lawn and garden setting.
Manufactured by Expert Craftsman

Each Lowcountry Chair™ is produced by hand by craftsman
who are among the best in their field.  Our materials are
selected from the best select grade woods available utilizing
cypress, cedar, aspen, fir, select poplar, white pine and others
to offer a great selection of quality chairs.

Every one of our chairs are constructed by artisans paying
close attention to each facet of the manufacturing process to
meet our exacting standards of detail and quality.  All of this to
insure that we deliver to you the best product obtainable.
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Our Lowcountry Chairs™  Make a Bold Statement:

The Lowcountry Chair™ is aptly called the "Not an Adirondack" chair
  • Our chairs are light and easily moved to allow you to create
    conversation areas anywhere in your lawn or garden environment
  • Our seats are not as deep and difficult to get in and out of; they are
    easy to sit in and rise from, adding to you comfort and enjoyment
  • Our chairs are functional art and make a statement wherever they
    are placed in your lawn or garden
With the ease and gentle lines of art and purity of function with the
sturdiness and utility to stand up to years of outdoor use in your garden or on
your lawn, you will fall in love with our chairs from your first sitting moment!  
Our Restaurant Chairs and Tables
From our Lowcountry Wing Chairs and the Lowcountry Pew at Wren Bistro in
Beaufort, South Carolina, to our "Not an Adirondack Lowcountry Chairs and
Rockers, the Lowcountry Chair Company offers the best of the best in the
Lowcountry, Simple Chairs, High Design!  Look for our Trestle Tables, Sofa Tables,
Bistro Tables and Wine Bars.  
Our Oversized Bistro Table was
introduced this winter, 72" by 72" this
table comfortably seats 12.  
Furniture, High Design
by the
Lowcountry Chair Company
We introduced our new line of dining tables focusing on a
distressed and rustic look.  Our tables are made of cedar,
cypress, and heart pine with maple and oak legs.  We are
able to size our furniture to meet your individual needs and
space requirements.  Just give us a call and let us quote
you  on a table that meets your needs.